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DA Aviation is a boutique consulting firm, based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is specialised in aviation asset management, inventory management, supply chain, aircraft lease return and MRO.


Our vision: to be the most progressive and tech-minded consulting firm for aerospace companies in the field of Asset Management, Supply Chain and MRO processes. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to analyse and to develop customised strategies to improve asset utilisation, supply chains and MRO processes.


Let us guide you through your journey of digitizing your processes and supply chain.


Are you ready to make your business fit for the future?

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DA Aviation

Asset Management | Inventory Management | Supply Chain

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Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of aerospace organisations - from small helicopter operators to large MROs and commercial airlines. We provide support in the following areas:

Aviation Supply Chain and MRO processes

We examine your current supply chain and MRO processes from end-to-end. Our goal is to improve efficiencies and reduce waste through the application of digital technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Learn more about how to achieve full transparency and gain control of your operations.

Asset and Inventory Management

Underutilised assets? Spare parts collecting dust in the shelves? Requesting more CAPEX to increase parts availability? Pooling vs. Stand-alone?
Having the right part at the right time is not a trivial task and depends a lot on your operations. Talk to us to learn how we can turn your assets into cash and CAPEX into OPEX.

Asset & Inventory Evaluation and Inspection

We help you to understand the 'real' value of your assets and inventory. Our evaluation service provides comprehensive evaluation and appraisal of aircraft assets, providing an accurate market value for re-financing, sale and lease back, and liquidation purposes. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your aircraft assets to ensure you receive an accurate and reliable assessment.

Aircraft Lease Return Support

Most Aircraft Lease Return processes provide significant challenges to operators, often causing delays and avoidable cost.  We support aircraft operators, leasing companies and banks in the process of aircraft transitions, returns and repossessions.

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We are regularly publishing articles about Supply Chain, Asset and Inventory Management and Digital Transformation. Enjoy browsing and get in touch with us, should you have any questions. Please subscribe below, to get notified about new posts and articles.

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